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We dip into the whole dental industry and do thorough research, strict quality control to ensure that every dental equipment, dental stuff we sell meets high-quality standards.

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We cut out the middleman, and ship directly from the factory. So you don't pay extra for the countless unnecessary steps between the supplier and a traditional retailer's shelf.

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We build up a full line of dental products for your choice. Those are including dental chair, dental handpiece, cabinetry, sterilizers and a lot more. Shop all your dental practice needs in one place.

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New Products
  1. TPC Dental Wet Suction Machine , Wet Vacuum Pump,Wet Suction Unit
    TPC Dental Wet Suction Machine ,Wet Vacuum Pump,Wet Suction Unit ,Support 3-5 PCS Dental Chair,For Dental Clinic
  2. Handheld Portable Digital Dental X-Ray Machine
    Handheld Portable Digital Dental X-Ray Machine,Mobile Digital X-Ray Unit System,High-frequency Oral X-ray Machine
  3. Visiodent Rsv5 Digital Dental X-ray Sensor
    RSV5 Visiodent Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor RSV5 USB Visiodent Imaging Software Holder France
    Now Only $2,780.00 Regular Price $3,700.00 As low as $2,580.00

Prduct Reviews

  1. Human Friendly Economical Dental Chair Unit Free Shipping By Sea!
    Sea shipping to Canada!
    My second time buying from Treedental. Good communication as always! I highly recommend Treedental to you, especially their R1 dental unit!

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  2. Ray Protective High Collar Apron Vest Style For Patients 0.5mmpb/Apron in high collar and vest style
    Very nice. Arrived in perfect condition. Works great with my CBCT.

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  3. Human Friendly Economical Dental Chair Unit Free Shipping By Sea!
    Nice company, continue to add more products to the catalog!
    Good dental equipment, good service and very good price! I bought one R1 dental unit, air compressor, suction vacuum system, sterilizer and other small things for my small dental practice. All is good! Continue to add more products to the catalog.

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Treedental Offers Quality And Affordable Dental Equipment Online

we’re much more than just an online dental equipment store – we’re here to offer independent advice on what’s best for you.

Turn your practice into one of the best in your region with quality equipment from Treedental. You will find quality and affordable dental equipment and instruments from reliable manufacturers across the globe. Dental equipment forms the backbone of any successful dental practice. If you plan on making a name for yourself, it is time to invest in quality equipment from reliable manufacturers to ensure that you offer the best possible patient care in the business. Treedental offers you all these at affordable prices.

Similar to other medical equipment, dental equipment also requires a significant financial investment from your side. However, you have no guarantee that they will last for a long time to come. Treedental is your online store to help you pick out the best dental chair, dental units, dental X-ray machine, dental curing light, dental scaler, oral sensor and so on to make sure that your dental equipment can handle the constant use through time without breaking down in between. Equipment failure can damage the reputation and ability of dental practice or a dentist very fast, having a direct impact on future patients and revenue. After all, no dentist wants to turn away their patients due to a lack of quality instruments.

Medical equipment needs to adhere to several standards set by the local rules to protect the patients. Treedental takes plenty of precautions to make sure that the equipment offered on the website adheres to these rules and will give you no trouble in the long run. Even a simple dental handpiece has to stick to the standards.

According to the experts in the dental equipment industry, it is essential to maintain your dental equipment carefully as they have several complex and sensitive parts which can get damaged over time with constant use. Faulty equipment poses a danger to the patient and needs to be avoided at all costs. If the dental equipment in your practice has started showing signs of wear and tear, it is time to consider purchasing new ones from Treedental, the best reliable dental equipment provider online. Buy Online Today!

A dental chair unit is an essential part of every dental practice. As a practicing dentist, you need a first-class dental chair to offer your patients the care they deserve. If you plan to exceed on your field, you need to invest in quality equipment from professional dental equipment supplier like Treedental. After all, you sow what you reap. With the right amount of talent, hard work and determination you will have a flourishing dental practice in no time. Shop Now!

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