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Getidy® 23L/29L/45L Color LCD Display,Touch Screen,Multi Languages, Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class B

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1.New Rapid Steam Generator.
2.Water and Steam Separation Device..
3.New function:delay-start / sleep-mode / pipeline cleaning.
4.European Class B and S, in accordance with EN 13060: 2004 standard, with three times pre-vacuum and one times pre-vacuum, pulse drying function.Vacuum index up to -0.85bar, the device residual humidity <0.2%.Being able to sterilize instruments that are packed,unpacked,solid,Hollow A,Hollow B and Hollow B pipeline.High efficiency,allwave sterilizing.
5.HD color touch screen,menu interface,PC Automatic control.
6.With tests of “BOWIE & DICK”、“HELIX”、“VACUUM”.
8.User-defined Function. Adjust sterilization temperature,vacuum times,sterilization time,drying time.
9.New rapid steam generator of stainless steel pipe, completely solve the Silica gel pipeline and seal because it is aging.
10.Set “WASH” program, cleaning pipeline to avoid clogging.
11.Water and steam separation device. In order to improve the life of the vacuum pump, improve the pulse vacuum value, so that the device is more reliable sterilization, enhance the dryness of the device.
12.Automatic distilled water function. upward-open water tank.(only for the JN-23)
13.ULKA brand mini water pump. SU 304 stripe stainless steel.SEEFRID brand door motor.
14.Save electricity function:delay-start,sleep-mode,turn off after sterilization,power recovery restart.
15.External thermal printer interface.
16.The autoclave stores 128 sterilization records. By USB connector download to U disk.
17.Double temperature sensor inside chamber, independent implementation system and evaluation system.
18.Optional:bluetooth label thermal printer,mobile APP.
19.Bluetooth label thermal printer:after the autoclave is connected to the printer by Bluetooth signal,order of autoclave send to printer.After the label is printed,it is posted at package. The contents of the label is date,time,S.N,program cycle. Convenience the process is traced.
20.Water Monitoring Device:when you supply the unqualified distilled water, the autoclave runs will is stopped.
21.Mobile APP:monitor the various operating conditions of the autoclave. You can operate the sterilizer by phone. After sterilization is over, send a message to your phone.etc.
22.Multi-language:Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish,Farsi






Standard Configuration

No built-in printer and water monitoring device

built-in printer and water monitoring device

built-in printer and water monitoring device


AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10%

AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10%

AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10%

Rated power




Rated current




Volume (L)

23 L

29 L

45 L

Chamber size (MM)




Sterilizing temperature

121℃ / 134℃

121℃ / 134℃

121℃ / 134℃

Sterilizing pressure

1.1 bar / 2.1 bar

1.1 bar / 2.1 bar

1.1 bar / 2.1 bar

Sterilization program




Test program




Fresh water volume (L)

4 L

10 L

10 L

Waste water volume (L)

3.5 L

3.5 L

3.5 L

Packing size (CM)





60 / 65

101 / 116

117 / 133

Standard Accessories

1.Capacity: 23L or 29L or 45L.
2.sterilizing temperature: 121℃, 134℃ .
3.Special function: Kill the AIDS (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV) mad cow virus and Bacillus.
4.Dry procedure: vacuum drying .
5.Display:128 X 64 dots color LCD, multi languages. .
6.Sterilization program: 4 kinds of programs (nude / cotton / package / plastic).
7.Test program: Bowie&Dick test, Helix test, Vacuum test .
8.Pipeline cleaning function.
9.Sterilizing data: Print by optional external mini-printer or built-in printer.
10.Safety Features: Safe Valve and self-test alam system .

Sterilizing Instrument


Built-in Printer

1.Voltage(V):DC 5~8.5V/3A
3.Paper type:thermal paper
7.Product Size(mm):80X37X43
8.The CPU of control system transfers recording data to the built-in thermal printer and print sterilization records.The thermal print font does not fade for one year and meets the record retention period.

External thermal mini-printer

1.Voltage(V):DC 7.5V/2A
3.Paper type:thermal paper
7.Product Size(mm):200X150X139
8.Connect the print interface below the back of the steam sterilizer to print sterilization records. The thermal print font does not fade for one year and meets the record retention period.

Bluetooth label thermal printer

1.Voltage(V):DC 7.5V/2A
3.Paper type:thermal paper
7.Product Size(mm):220X110X160
8.Label information:S.N, Date, Time, sterilization program, cycles.the thermal print font does not fade for one year and meets the record retention period.

Products CategoryDental Sterilizer Autoclave
Package Size98*69*75 CM
Package Gross Weight133 KG
Package ImageNo


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