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4 Hole Dental Alumina Air Abrasion Polisher,Micro-etcher Sandblaster


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1.The Micro-etcher Sandblaster for use with abrasives such as aluminium and silicon oxide powder (particle size 20-80 micron).The Micro-etcher Sandblaster can be used to roughen the surfaces of metal, ceramic and plastic materials for efective reinforcement of adhesion with bonding agents.
2.Only 0.5mm sand blasting hole, improve the precision and accuracy of sand blasting, sand powder to extend the use of time, improve the economy.Built in antisuction system to prevent the risk of damage to air compressor sand powder.


1.Easy to use, quick and light in appearance.
2.This product can link with global 4 hole dental unit.
3.Product use for to increase viscosity of the touch surface , roughening the surface of compound material metal ,porcelain crow,fiber post,inlay surface.


1.Link way:4 hole dental unit.
2.Opertion air pressure:0.3Mpa-0.4Mpa.
3.Sand amount:1.5g/min-3.59g/min.
4.Blasting hole:Φ0.5mm.
5.Blasting head can rotate to 360°.


One unit, 2 link ways


1.Crown bonding and easy and quick surface cleaning for re-adhesion.
2.Porcelain teeth bonding and comprehensive repair, porcelain veneer bonding preparation.
3.Bonding preparation of maryland fixed bridge.
4.Bonding preparation of bracket.
5.Removal of residual adhesive on the underside of the brackets and restorations.
6.Porcelain tooth repair and replacement.
7.Fissure closure preparation.
8.Early caries removal.
9.HG alloy bonding, enamel bonding.
10.Post core,inlay preparation, adjustment of occlusion.
11.Check the precise installation and occlusion of metal crowns.

Performance characteristics

1.Tungsten steel nozzle can rotate 360°.
2.Precise and reliable sandblasting flow, finger press control.
3.The whole machine can be autoclaved.
4.Not easy to block.
5.Low pressure conditions can also be used(Lowest 45psi can be used).
6.400% Increases adhesion to 400%.
7.Can greatly reduce.

Wide Range Of Applications

Alumina air abrasion polisher had been improve as the most valuable tool in dental field with effective,powerful effect and widely application methods.It can provides precise surface micro-roughening treatment,can improve the adhesive force up to 400%.After etched the surface was more active,therefore, can be improved chemical adhesion,optimize the bonding effect.In all metal materials,composite and ceramic materials can be applied.
Extraoral Application:
For material surface cleaning and micro-roughened before connect bonding.
1.Metal/porcelain crown.
2.Fiber pile.
4.Resin-bonded fixed bridge.
5.Orthodontic bracket.
6.Removing the original adhesive layer before second pasting.
7.Cast metal prosthesis defect detection.
Oral Application:
In the repair treatment, micro roughen surface of porcelain or composite.

Intraoral sandblasting etching precision

1.Intraoral sandblasting etching precision, and remove the remaining adhesive on the tooth surface after removing the bracket.
2.The sand filter cap (optional, need pay USD110) can collect powder,needs to be connected large flow suction device.

Porcelain tooth repair

Remove the restoration or adhesive on bracket bottom.

External Sandblasting Box

1.Sandblasting box use with sand blasting system (before indirect prosthesis bonding).
2.Steel matte surface and tempered glass windows make sandblasting box durable.
3.Power light + electric vacuum cleaner by filter protection.
4.The operator can clearly see the operated object.
5.Avoid dust spreading into the surrounding area of operation.
6.Perfect industrial design ensure that any clinical environment are applicable.
7.Easy to clean.


1.Not all abrasives are the same.
2.50μm White alumina abrasive:(Does not discolor the surface of ceramic materials and composites).Can not be used for sand blasting in the mouth.
3.SA-85 abrasive :use to remove the glue on the teeth,does not damage tooth enamel,can also use to remove the glue on the restoration and bracket.For bonding metal materials and non-metallic materials prepared.
4.Only provides a medical grade a abrasive,abrasive particles are precisely cut and dried ,uniform size.Low-grade abrasives, due to the presence of oily substances,contaminants or even moisture, can cause equipment to be stuck or intermittently stop sandblasting.
5.Three quarters of volume of abrasive should be installed in the abrasive tank.Abrasive must be clean and dry.
6.Check before use: Gently rotate the abrasive tank. Sand powder should be free to flow. If not free flowing, it indicates that the sand powder is wet and it may stuck the sand blasting gun.
7.The abrasive easily wet, stored in sealed containers.


1.Do not point the nozzle at the face and eyes,wear safety glasses when not using the filter box.
2.Excessive recoil operation will pressurize the abrasive tank causes the abrasive tank to spray or even explode,therefore , the recoil operation should be performed in a safe container.
3.Keep the working tip and target at a distance of 2mm to 10mm,need to use a large suction device operation.
4.Sandblasting should be continuous, repeated sweeping.Not a fast, unstable move.
Touching the etched surface, rough feel is the ideal result. Excessive blasting can damage the surface of the material, especially ceramics.
5.Before processing precious or non-precious alloys and ceramic materials,can experiment on ordinary metals and glass.
6.We recommend that extra grit blasting be operated in the dust box,because the filter box with powder collection system,can absorb excess sand.Abrasive powder floating in the air can cause eye and nose problems,can also damage nearby machines and optical equipment, scratch glasses.
7.Protect the patient's eyes,glass and the nose while operating in the mouth,need to use high-speed suction device. Do not spray the gums.
8.If a rubber dam is not used, the patient should hold his breath while sandblasting.
9.Sandblasting no need to clean.

Installation Requirements

1.Sandblasting machine needs compressed air pressure at 40-100psi (2.6bar-6.6bar),Flow rate 1cfm (30ccm/m),at pressures below 60 psi, sandblasting is significantly reduced.
2.Large particles in the pipeline may clog the blasting machine.
3.It is recommended to install a water vapor absorption device to ensure air drying.
4.Do not use Teflon tape to seal the pipe joint.


1.Precautions before disinfection:Without disconnecting the air tube,remove the abrasive tank,push the button,clean away any residual sand powder from sandblasting.
Cover the sand blaster with a plastic sleeve.
last head can be sterilized separately.
3.With multiple nozzles can use for multiple patients(Installed on a sandblasting machine)
4.132 ℃ sterilized 15 minutes in a high temperature steam sterilizer.

Packing list

1 PCS Handpiece

2 PCS Nozzle(60° and 90° )

2 PCS Powder Jar

1 PCS 4 Hole Connector And Cable

1 PCS 4 Hole Connector

1 Set Accessories



2*Powder Jar

1*4 Hole Connector


Products CategoryDental Air Polisher
Package Size24*16*7CM
Package Gross Weight0.49 KG
Package Image


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Customer Reviews (1)

Review by Aizawa Fumie (Posted on 9/11/2018)

EMS EE615381681CN TO Japan

Going in to my first year using this fine bit of machinery and I'm astonished to say that it's great. It is for use with abrasives such as aluminium and silicon oxide powder. Built in antisuction system to prevent the risk of damage to air compressor sand powder. This is a great design.

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