How To Choose The Best Dental Chair?

Dental chairs are the core of a clinic. For the dentist, the dental chair is an essential piece of equipment for you to do your job. But to your patients, the dental chair is the focal point of your office, making it representative of your practice and of the care they expect to receive.

What to Look for in a Dental Chair?

To ensure the success of your practice, your dental chairs should be: comfortable for you, your team, and your patients; functional and reliable; and complementary to your office decor. 

For the patient, the chair should offer good support and cushioning regardless of their size. Some chairs are designed to sync with the patient’s body when the chair is lowered or raised to eliminate repositioning. Look for headrests with adjustable positioning, especially if your practice includes children. Extras include built-in massagers and heating units. 

And don’t forget armrests that can be moved to allow the patient ease of entry and egress.

For you, the chair should get your patients close enough that you can perform your procedures, but still allow you to maintain a healthy posture. Also consider the width of the chair’s back. Wide back chairs provide more comfort to your patients, but they can make it more difficult for you to access them. A dental chair with a narrower back can make your job easier, so find a chair with a width that works for you. 

Your chair should also have mechanical chair positioning capability to allow you to achieve the best access to the patient.

A smart, modern-looking dental chair will inspire confidence in your patients and improve your effectiveness. Today’s chairs offer several technological features, including options such as:

  • Control panel with easily accessible buttons or a touchscreen to adjust chair position, operatory accessories, and the speed of the lifting and lowering of the chair
  • Programmable memory settings for seat positions
  • Multifunctional foot control

For all the bells and whistles, though, your chair’s most important feature is its reliability. Whether new or pre-owned, the chair you buy should perform flawlessly for years—at least 10 years from when you purchase.

Human-Friendly Dental Chair

Mr.Right Human-Friendly Dental Chair With Operating Unit, Built For Extreme Patients And Dentists Comfort.
  • Doctor-patient Communication
  • 9 seconds quick chair adjustment
  • Auto chair cleaning positioning
  • Rescue Position
  • Detachable Hygiene-critical Components
  • Warm instrument water supply
  • Easy touch sense control panel
  • Rotable instrument holder bar
  • Disinfection system
  • Safety Lock Device
  • 9 Chair Positions Memory
  • Air Vacuum Muffling System
  • Time Reminder
  • X-Ray Film Viewer
  • Comfortable microfiber leather
  • Colours to Fit Your Clinic Decor
  • Top Brand Component
  • Strong and Stable Chair Frame(Weight capacity up to 300kg)
  • LED Operating Light with HD Video Recording System
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